Public Transport Info, Czech - telephone service


This application provides information about public transport connections in Czech Republic using the Czech language. Just say (in Czech) your origin and destination stops and the application will find and tell you about the available connections. You can also specify a departure or arrival time if necessary. It offers bus, tram and metro city connections, and bus and train inter-city connections.

The application is available at the toll-free telephone number +420 800 899 998.

You can also:

  • ask for help
  • ask for a “restart” of the dialogue and start the conversation again
  • end the call - for example, by saying “Good bye.”
  • ask for repetition of the last sentence
  • confirm or reject questions
  • ask about the departure or destination station, or confirm it
  • ask for the number of transits
  • ask for the departure or arrival time
  • ask for an alternative connection
  • ask for a repetition of the previous connection, the first connection, the second connection, etc.

In addition, the application provides also information about:

  • weather forecast
  • the current time

Representation of semantics

Suggestion (MK): It would be better to treat the specification of hours and minutes separately. When they are put together, all ways the whole time expression can be said have to be enumerated in the CLDB manually.