alex.applications.PublicTransportInfoCS.slu package


alex.applications.PublicTransportInfoCS.slu.add_to_bootstrap module

A simple script for adding new utterances along with their semantics to bootstrap.sem and bootstrap.trn.


./add_to_bootsrap < input.tsv

The script expects input with tab-separated transcriptions + semantics (one utterance per line). It automatically generates the dummy ‘bootstrap_XXXX.wav’ identifiers and separates the transcription and semantics into two files.


alex.applications.PublicTransportInfoCS.slu.autopath module

self cloning, automatic path configuration

copy this into any subdirectory of pypy from which scripts need to be run, typically all of the test subdirs. The idea is that any such script simply issues

import autopath

and this will make sure that the parent directory containing “pypy” is in sys.path.

If you modify the master “” version (in pypy/tool/ you can directly run it which will copy itself on all files it finds under the pypy root directory.

This module always provides these attributes:

pypydir pypy root directory path this_dir directory where this resides

alex.applications.PublicTransportInfoCS.slu.consolidate_keyfiles module

This scripts consolidates all input key files. That means, that it generates new keyfiles ({old_name}.pruned, which contains only entries common to all input ket files.


alex.applications.PublicTransportInfoCS.slu.gen_bootstrap module

alex.applications.PublicTransportInfoCS.slu.gen_uniq module

alex.applications.PublicTransportInfoCS.slu.prepare_data module

alex.applications.PublicTransportInfoCS.slu.prepare_hdc_sem_from_trn module

alex.applications.PublicTransportInfoCS.slu.test_bootstrap_hdc module

alex.applications.PublicTransportInfoCS.slu.test_hdc module

alex.applications.PublicTransportInfoCS.slu.test_hdc_utt_dict module

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