Submodules module

A script that basically creates a csv file that contains a list of places from INPUT_FILE sith second column of a STRING_SAME_FOR_ALL and the benefit is that it can merge with already existing OUTPUT_FILE

unless -c flag is set.

Usage: /.compatibility_script_manual –name OUTPUT_FILE –main-place STRING_SAME_FOR_ALL –list INPUT_FILE [-c], file_out, main_place, no_cache=False)[source][source][source], output_set, separator=u'; ')[source], list)[source] module

A script that takes mta stops file and it selects important fields and saves them (works with GTFS mainly) Usage:

./ [-m: main_city] [-o: output_file] stops.txt[source], header, main_city, skip_comments=True)[source], caption, default)[source][source], skip_comments=True)[source][source][source][source], data)[source] module

A script that takes mta stops, it splits them by special characters and each item takes for a street[source][source], caption, default)[source][source][source][source][source][source], data)[source] module

A script that takes us cities (city state_code)file and state-codes and it joins them


./ [-o: output_file] cities.txt state-codes.txt[source], header, state_dictionary, skip_comments=True)[source], caption, default)[source][source], skip_comments=True)[source], skip_comments=True)[source][source][source][source], data)[source]

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