Public Transport Info (English) – data

This directory contains the database used by the English Public Transport Info system, i.e. a list of public transportation stops, number expressions etc. that are understood by the system.

The main database module is located in You may obtain a dump of the database by running ./ dump.

To build all needed generated files that are not versioned, run

Contents of additional data files

Some of the data (for the less populous slots) is included directly in the code, but most of the data (e.g., stops and cities) is located in additional list files.

Resources used by public transport direction finders and weather service

The sources of the data that are loaded by the application are:

  • cities.expanded.txt – list of known cities and towns in the USA. (tab-separated: slot value name + possible forms separated by semicolons; lines starting with ‘#’ are ignored)
  • states.expanded.txt – list of us state names (same format).
  • stops.expanded.txt – list of known stop names (same format) in NY.
  • stops.expanded.txt – list of known stop names (same format) in NY.
  • streets.expanded.txt – list of known street names (same format)
  • boroughs.expanded.txt – list of known borough names (same format)
  • cities.locations.csv – tab separated list of known cities and towns, their state and geo location (longitude|latitude).
  • stops.locations.csv – tab separated list of stops, their cities and geo location (longitude|latitude).
  • stops.borough.locations.csv – tab separated list of stops, their boroughs and geo location (longitude|latitude).
  • streets.types.locations.csv – tab separated list of streets, their boroughs and type (Avenue, Street, Court etc.)

All of these files are generated from states-in.csv, cities-in.csv, stops-in.csv, streets-in.csv and boroughs-in.csv located at ./preprocessing/resources using the,,, and script respectively. Please note that all forms in *.expanded.txt files are lowercased and do not include any punctuation.

Colloquial name variants that are added by hand are located in the ./preprocessing/resources/*-add.txt files for each slot and are appended to the expansion process. script is combining all the expansion scripts mentioned earlier into one process.