Running SLU on collected transcriptions

To run SLU on collected transcriptions and obtain more accurate interpretation (to be used for the NLG CrowdFlower task), you need to perform these steps:

  1. Extract texts from the asr_transcribed.xml files in the call log directories:

    ./ call_log_dir > extracted.tsv

  2. Reparse using SLU for the given language:

    ./reparse_<en|cs>.py extracted.tsv > reparsed.tsv

  3. (Optionally) filter out just abstracted versions of the interpretations:

    ./ reparsed.tsv abstract.tsv

    These can then be analyzed/sorted etc. and/or fed to the script for the NLG CrowdFlower task.

More information can be found in documentation strings in the respective script files.